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Larry Shirer

Larry Shirer – Bio. I earned a BBA from Ohio University and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. I held responsible positions in several companies, including serving as Vice President and General Manager of a $25,000,000 division of a New York Stock Exchange listed company. My career includes two stints with Management Consulting firms, during which I helped owners of small and medium sized businesses improve the performance of their organizations. Since semi-retiring, I have pursued my keen interests in nature photography and writing. To date, I have authored four books, two of which are being offered for public sale. I have several more books in the pipeline. I am a father of five and a grandfather of nine.

Although not Native American, I have had a keen interest in things Native American since childhood. More recently, I enjoyed what was billed as a "Total Immersion Experience" on the Sioux Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. The experience included presentations by, and subsequent discussions with, several Native Americans talking about their traditional culture. I visited Lakota homes and shared meals, participated in a Sweat Lodge ceremony, observed a Sun Dance ceremony, participated in a contemporary Native American church service, visited the memorial at Wounded Knee and discussed with descendants of that experience their feelings about what happened there.

I also participated in a program on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina titled "The Cherokee Full Circle", led by a Cherokee shaman and author. I have spent time at the Navajo tribal headquarters and on the Navajo reservation, talking at random with tribal members about their traditional culture. Reading over sixty books about Native American culture and values has provided background for my understanding of the spirituality and traditions of the Indigenous People of this country.

Discussion groups at two different churches have tolerated my series of presentations about Native American spirituality.  I delivered two lectures about Native American spirituality at The College of Wooster Lay Academy of Religion, a multi-week program that has been presented annually for over 50 years.

My interest in spirituality and Native American culture led to the publication of my book, WE ARE ALL RELATED, which is offered on my website.