Nelson T Gant


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This is the impressive and inspiring story of a remarkable man, born a slave on a Virginia plantation, who overcame the multiple disadvantages of being born “black” in America to become a prosperous businessman and respected member of an adopted community in Ohio.

It is a story of the devotion of a enslaved man and a enslaved woman to each other and of their quest for a place and circumstances in which they could rear a family in freedom. To fulfill their dream, they endured multiple adversities, trials and time in jail.

When the couple finally made their way to Ohio, Gant got a job, saved his money, bought some land, became a farmer, accumulated over 300 acres of land and owned and operated four businesses. He assumed civic responsibilities, became a respected citizen, provided major support to his church, served as a university trustee, and helped freedom seekers as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad.

The author has identified the character traits and the strategies for overcoming adversity, which enabled Gant to accomplish so much. He was an extraordinary man. The story reveals lessons from which we all can learn.

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